Scripted Portfolio

television, short and feature-length film projects

As a screenwriter and director, Bryce tells stories in diverse genres, including television drama, feature horror and short animation.
His background making science documentaries lends itself well to the development of grounded science-fiction.

Recent Scripted Projects

  • Cindy

    Animation, Film, Scripted

    When a precocious girl discovers she is cursed to literally burn any boy she touches, her quest for true love becomes a real trial by fire.

  • Q & A (based on the Russell Quant mystery novels)

    Scripted, TV Series

    Based on Anthony Bidulka’s international best-selling series of mystery novels, Q&A is a buoyant, freewheeling buddy drama about two former partners, who must band together once again in order to solve a wild array of crimes in the modern wild west of Saskatoon.

  • Marked

    Scripted, TV Series

    When a radical psychology professor’s troubled son gets marked as genetically prone to violence, the family is ostracized by society, tearing their lives apart. Marked tells the story of an average man turned modern-day Spartacus galvanized to fight for the freedom of his son.

  • Geneered


    In a world where genetic engineering has run rampant, the rift between the genetically engineered (the geneered) and the naturally born (the natborns) is growing, especially in the jocks versus geeks battleground of high school. GENEERED is based on Bryce's award-winning science fiction film DECODING ALEIL.

  • Narcissus

    Film, Scripted

    horror film in development Personal trainer and fitness model Zack Corbo is used to getting what he wants. But when...