About Bryce

Bryce is a dramatic writer of fiction and nonfiction with an interest in telling stories that inspire or inform without without forgetting to entertain.
While Bryce is drawn to telling stories in seemingly disparate formats, from documentary to fiction, there is a method to his madness.


science whisperer

Bryce is an award-winning filmmaker who believes in using the documentary medium to explore his passion for science and communicate otherwise complex topics to wide audiences. So far he has written, directed and hosted two documentaries for CBC’s The Nature of Things and contributed as producer and co-host for CBC’s Marketplace. He will soon launch a web-series that explores the psychology, genetics and evolutionary biology of mental health in a weekly series.

high-octane storyteller

As a screenwriter, Bryce gravitates towards psychological drama, supernatural horror and science-fiction grounded in real science. He has written and directed a variety of short films and most recently worked as a writer in the room of hit ABC/Global series Rookie Blue. He has two feature films in development as well as a number of TV Series.

professional editor

Bryce also has extensive experience as writer and editor in the world of factual entertainment (editing series such as Wipeout CanadaStyle by Jury and Majumder Manor) and he cuts trailers and demo reels freelance. If interested, contact him for a quote.